Buy even if your home hasn't yet sold.

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The RealSure program allows you to put in a cash offer on your dream home before your home that's on the market sells.

Selling and buying a home can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be. I want to introduce you to RealSure, a
program designed to make the selling and buying experience easier by empowering you to have more
control and peace of mind as you ultimately move on to your next home. RealSure tackles the “when and if”
a home will sell as well as help answer the question, “should I sell my home before finding a new one or find
a new home before selling my current one?” With RealSure, I can help solve these common issues by
providing you a cash offer for your home (valid for 45 days). The Cash Offer gives you the ability to move
forward with confidence and the opportunity to test the market for a better offer. RealSure also supports
you as you buy your next home, unlocking your purchasing power before entering a contract to sell your
current home and providing additional options to help you close and move with ease.

What are the key offerings included in RealSure Buy?

RealSure Buy helps you secure a home that you love with options to help you buy and move with ease.

- Home Value Statement: After conducting an upfront inspection, RealSure will provide you with a net proceeds statement that allows you to make an offer on your next home as if your current home is already sold by removing any sales contingency.

- Assured Close: You can use the RealSure Cash Offer as a back-up option in case their 3rd party
offer falls through (for up to an additional 45 days beyond the 45-day Acceptance Period).

- Flex Stay: If you accept the RealSure Cash Offer, you have the option to stay in your home for
up to 4 weeks as you plan your move.

- Who does RealSure work with to offer RealSure Buy’s lending products?

Guaranteed Rate Affinity (GRA), which is a partnership between Realogy and
Guaranteed Rate. If you choose to use GRA as your lender for the mortgage of your new home, you will receive a $500
closing cost credit* on their new loan. Contact Joanna Rallo for more details about these programs. (720)626-9039 or